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qxrdcalibrant.cpp File Reference

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#include "qxrdcalibrant.h"
#include "qxrdcalibrantlibrary.h"
#include "qxrdcalibrantdspacing.h"
#include "qxrdcalibrantdspacings.h"
#include "qcepsettingssaver.h"
#include "qxrdexperiment.h"
#include <QScriptEngine>
#include "qxrddebug.h"
#include <qmath.h>
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class  QxrdCalibrantQuadInt


bool lessThan (const QxrdCalibrantDSpacing &d1, const QxrdCalibrantDSpacing &d2)

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bool lessThan ( const QxrdCalibrantDSpacing d1,
const QxrdCalibrantDSpacing d2 

Definition at line 189 of file qxrdcalibrant.cpp.

References QxrdCalibrantDSpacing::tth().

Referenced by QxrdCalibrant::dSpacingsHexagonal().

190 {
191  return d1.tth() < d2.tth();
192 }

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