QXRD  0.11.16
QXRD Change Log

See also the QXRD Git Log

v0.11.16 - Mar 15 2016

Added 'adjust energy' and 'adjust distance' commands Reworked calibrant library code Added polarTransform (cake) command Work on polarization corrections Reworked integration routines to use multiple threads More work on data objects

v0.11.15 - Nov 19 2015

Preliminary support for detector ROIs as pseudoscalers

v0.11.14 - Oct 16 2015

Preliminary support for driving Pilatus detectors Preliminary support for driving multiple detectors simultaneously Preliminary support for per-detector processing chains Preliminary spec macro counter support

v0.11.12 - Jul 22 2015

Implement a tree of data objects - with browser etc. Implement library of powder calibrants

v0.11.10 - Apr 01 2015

Output synchronization waveform available for nPhases==1 as well

v0.11.8 - Dec 12 2014

Work on delaunay triangulation routines for powder calibration Work on calibrant peak calculations

v0.11.7 - Oct 10 2014

Added user interface to display shrinking routines

Fixed problems displaying pilatus images

v0.11.6 - Sep 2 2014

Added simple calibrant diffraction angle calculation routines

Plot of fitted ring TTH and calibrant TTH vs azimuth

Added file access scripting commands

Preferred qt version is now qt5 for all platforms

v0.11.5 - Aug 20 2014

Improved memory handling during acquisition - should drop fewer frames

Added optional automatic retry mode for acquisition - dropped frames will be repeated automatically during acquisition. Note that will affect acquisition timing.

Added a saver backlog counter to go with the processing and integration backlog counters already provided. The backlog counters should now count down to zero properly as well.

Tidied up powder ring fitting routines and removed some redundant duplications.

v0.11.4 - Aug 11 2014

More work on fitting - ellipse fitting added

MINGW builds work again

Manual control of output voltage in sync acq dialog

v0.11.3 - Jul 31 2014

Implemented histogram window

Extensive rework of powder ring and peak fitting code

Some work on a distortion calibration from grid mask images

Script Editor window added

v0.11.1 - May 21 2014

First release in 0.11.x series ...

Major changes to use current versions of qceplib 0.1.4, qwt 6.1 and qt 5.x

Still problems with qt 5.x builds so still include qt 4.8.5 build

Minor updates:

Various changes related to saving integrated data

v0.9.17 - Nov 8 2013

Fixed problems with saving user defined properties in acquired images

Added a timeStamp property to acquired images - number of seconds since unix epoch, with msec resolution if supported by OS

Can change the detector type for an experiment from the preferences dialog

v0.9.16 - Oct 4 2013

The application will now always re-open the most recent experiment when restarted

Made proper distinction between the experiment directory - where experiment and log files are stored, and the data directory - the root directory where data files are stored

Removed some confusing commands related to new experiment creation

Rearranged order of widgets in acquisition panel and experiment preferences dialog to better reflect hierarchy of directories used.

v0.9.15 - Sep 12 2013

Added an experiment.detectorNumber parameter to permit working with multiple detectors on the same machine.

Added detector number control widget in the acquisition dialog.

v0.9.14 - Aug 12 2013

Fixed race problem with acquire and acquireDark - there was a race condition where the actual start of acquisition could be delayed till after acquire returned, meaning that a call to status would erroneously indicate that acquisition had succeeded.

Added more information in the log file when an experiment starts up - show version information, host name and type, experiment name and path

Fixed problems with conversion of array and list values to strings in scripts

v0.9.13 - Jun 21 2013

Added more routines to access powder points

Improved display of script values: arrays and objects are now printed out property by property.

v0.9.12 - Jun 13 2013

Added the ability to set user-defined properties on the 'acquisition' object - such properties are copied into acquired image files.

Fix for crash when moving image center parameter during acquisition

Fix for initial detector gain problem after restart

v0.9.11 - Jun 4 2013

Added script functions to access and modify the marked points in images

v0.9.10 - Mar 18 2013

Fixed problems with integration corrections

Added commands to save cached integration arrays for inspection

Made the centering dialog more compact

v0.9.9 - Mar 13 2013

Added support for user-defined calibration functions in integration

Modified build system to use git submodules - need to do 'git submodule init' and 'git submodule update' when checking out source tree.

v0.9.8 - Jan 23 2013

Fixed problem with remote command execution

Updated Qt to 4.8.4 on Mac and Windows

v0.9.7 - Dec 5 2012

Primarily a bugfix release - address memory leaks at shutdown

Added pulldown menus for NIDAQ device and channel names

v0.9.6 - Jul 16 2012

Moved triggering options into extra inputs objects

Added liveData() script function to access liveView data from scripts

v0.9.5 - Jul 9 2012

Added liveView readout option

v0.9.4 - Jun 26 2012

Fixed problems with mingw installer

Added 'initialize' button to extra inputs dialog

v0.9.3 - Apr 23 2012

Added beam center fitting from user-entered points on a powder ring

v0.9.2 - Apr 19 2012

Added automatic scripting function help generation

v0.9.1 - Apr 3 2012

First release in 0.9.x series - many many changes!

Multiple 'experiments' may be open simultaneously - each has its own settings file

A welcome dialog allows choosing from recent experiments

Settings are saved automatically, whenever they are changed

A NI-DAQ card can be used to measure auxiliary signals during acquisition (e.g. ion chamber readings)

Logarithmic Intensity option for image plots

File browsers highlight recently changed files

Shrink/grow commands for masks

v0.8.4 - Feb 29 2012

Backport logarithmic intensity option from v0.9.1

v0.8.3 - Nov 14 2011

Added newOutputScan, appendToOutputScan, plotOutputScan and saveOutputScan script commands to 'processor'

v0.8.2 - Nov 11 2011

Added a loadScript routine to read and execute a script from a file.

Added some device query routines into the NIDAQ plugin

Added integrateRectangle(x0,y0,x1,y1) routine to processor

v0.8.1 - Oct 27 2011

Display error dialog if another copy of qxrd is already running

Allow specifying number of integration steps as alternative to integration step size

v0.7.16 - Oct 7 2011

Set initial camera gain on program startup

Automatic insertion of skipped exposures when skippedExposuresAtStart==0

v0.7.15 - Sep 16 2011

Added caching scheme to speed up integration. Looks to give about an order of magnitude speed boost

v0.7.14 - Sep 15 2011

Improved implementation of remaining property types - should, (I hope) eliminate the update loop problem once and for all...

v0.7.13 - Sep 9 2011

Improved implementation of integer properties - should eliminate the occasional update loops that we get from time to time

v0.7.12 - Sep 7 2011

Add user parameters to control numeric field widths in generated file names

Improve handling of memory exhaustion during acquisition

v0.7.11 - Sep 1 2011

Accelerate readout by executing more of the processing logic in subsidiary threads

Added options for more timing messages during acquisition

Added options to control number of lines in messages window

v0.7.10 - Aug 9 2011

Added phase shift option to sync acquisition waveform generation

Added menu commands duplicating commands available from toolbox windows

Merged experimental branch back into master

v0.7.9 - Aug 4 2011

Changes to Windows installer script - QXRD appears in Add/Remove Programs

Improved responsiveness to acquisition cancel

More debugging messages

v0.7.8 - Jun 29 2011

Fixed crash when clearing dark/gainmap/badpixels after already cleared

Added thread names to log file output

Added debug output for server operations

v0.7.7 - Jun 27 2011

Allow integration vs Q and vs R in addition to vs TTH

Improved handling of different image and mask dimensions

File browser windows use polling so that they work on net mounted directories

v0.7.6 - Jun 22 2011

Implement gain /flat field correction during acquisition

v0.7.5 - Jun 6 2011

Improved responsiveness for file browser windows when displaying many files

v0.7.4 - Jun 6 2011

Delayed initialization option for acquisition

v0.7.3 - Jun 6 2011

Improved debugging messages.

v0.7.2 - May 29 2011

Mainly internal code reorganization

v0.5.24 - Apr 19 2011

Changed PE Acquisition - call Acquisition_CloseAll at QXRD exit, fixed bug in setting lower bound exposure time

v0.5.23 - Apr 11 2011

Documentation upgrade. Added release notes to embedded documentation

Changed PE acquisition - added lower bound to exposure times based on values returned by Acquire_GetIntTimes call to XISL library

Allow setting exposure time from fresh start options dialog

v0.5.22 - Apr 7 2011

Changes in PE acquisition initialization to support more PE detector types

v0.5.21 - Apr 6 2011

Pre-triggered acquisition should be working again.

Changes to file browser window, including a refresh button. File browser windows do not auto-update you must click the refresh button.

Show/Hide Rng... buttons now work in masking dialog

More info saved in acquired files - Qxrd and Qt version numbers - also more shown in info dialog

v0.5.20 - Apr 4 2011

fixed problems with image accumulation.

an initial implementation of a file browser that is more responsive when there are many files in a directory.

load and save preferences commands which transfer application preferences to/ from files.

v0.5.19 - Mar 30 2011

allows setting some preferences before the application starts. To activate this pass the command line argument '-fresh' when starting QXRD. On windows there's an extra entry in the start menu to do this automatically.

v0.5.18 - Mar 25 2011

contains fixes for an acquisition problem caused by not resetting exposure counts

v0.5.17 - Mar 22 2011

contains fixes and changes to the 'synchronized acquisition' mode

Added a 'bipolar triangle' waveform. Added nidaq.getAnalogInput and nidaq.setAnalogOutput script commands. Added display of syncronization waveform to UI

v0.5.16 - Mar 14 2011

mainly involves a major re-write of the acquisition code to support 'synchronized' acquisition.

This involves taking 'groups' of images while varying an external programming voltage (using a supported National Instruments NI-DAQ card). You specify the number of images in a group and then QXRD adds together multiple cycles of acquired images in phase with the output waveform.

The acquisition code does not currently support the pre-trigger acquisition mode of earlier versions. I was hoping to remove this, but it seems that people are actually using it so I had better put it back in. The functions and parameters are there, but they don't do anything at the moment.