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QcepDataset Class Reference

#include <qcepdataset.h>

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Public Member Functions

 QcepDataset (QcepSettingsSaverWPtr saver, QString name, QcepObject *parent)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QcepDataGroup
 QcepDataGroup (QcepSettingsSaverWPtr saver, QString name, QcepObject *parent)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QcepDataObject
 QcepDataObject (QcepSettingsSaverWPtr saver, QString name, int byteSize, QcepObject *parent)
virtual ~QcepDataObject ()
QcepSettingsSaverWPtr saver ()
virtual int childCount () const
virtual QcepDataObjectPtr item (int n)
virtual QcepDataObjectPtr item (QString nm)
virtual void setParentItem (QcepDataGroupWPtr parent)
virtual int indexInParent () const
virtual int rowCount () const
virtual int columnCount () const
virtual QVariant columnData (int col) const
virtual QString fileFormatFilterString ()
virtual void saveData (QString &name, QString filter, Overwrite canOverwrite=NoOverwrite)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QcepObject
 QcepObject (QString name, QcepObject *parent)
virtual ~QcepObject ()
virtual void writeSettings (QSettings *set, QString section)
virtual void readSettings (QSettings *set, QString section)
QString get_Name () const
void set_Name (QString name)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from QcepDataObject
enum  Overwrite { NoOverwrite, CanOverwrite }
- Public Slots inherited from QcepDataGroup
virtual QString description () const
QcepDataObjectPtr item (QString nm)
QcepDataObjectPtr item (int n)
QcepDataGroupPtr group (QString path)
QcepDataGroupPtr group (int n)
QcepDataArrayPtr array (QString path)
QcepDataArrayPtr array (int n)
QcepDataColumnPtr column (QString path)
QcepDataColumnPtr column (int n)
QcepDataColumnScanPtr columnScan (QString path)
QcepDataColumnScanPtr columnScan (int n)
QcepDoubleImageDataPtr image (QString path)
QcepDoubleImageDataPtr image (int n)
QcepIntegratedDataPtr integratedData (QString path)
QcepIntegratedDataPtr integratedData (int n)
int childCount () const
void clear ()
void insert (int atRow, QcepDataObjectPtr obj)
void append (QcepDataObjectPtr obj)
void append (QString path, QcepDataObjectPtr obj)
void remove (int n)
void remove (QcepDataObjectPtr obj)
void remove (QString path)
QcepDataGroupPtr createGroup (QString path)
QcepDataGroupPtr newGroup (QString path)
QcepDataArrayPtr newArray (QString path, QVector< int > dims)
QcepDataColumnPtr newColumn (QString path, int nrow)
QcepDataColumnScanPtr newColumnScan (QString path, int nrow, QStringList cols)
QcepDoubleImageDataPtr newImage (QString path, int width=0, int height=0)
QcepIntegratedDataPtr newIntegratedData (QString path, int sz)
static QScriptValue toGroupScriptValue (QScriptEngine *engine, const QcepDataGroupPtr &data)
static void fromGroupScriptValue (const QScriptValue &obj, QcepDataGroupPtr &data)
QString directoryName (QString path)
QString object (QString path)
QcepDataGroupPtr containingGroup (QString path)
QcepDataObjectPtr referencedObject (QString path)
- Public Slots inherited from QcepDataObject
virtual QString description () const
QString metaTypeName (int id) const
QString pathName () const
QcepDataGroupPtr rootItem ()
virtual QcepDataGroupPtr parentItem () const
- Public Slots inherited from QcepObject
virtual void printLine (QString line)
virtual void printMessage (QString msg, QDateTime dt=QDateTime::currentDateTime()) const
virtual void criticalMessage (QString msg, QDateTime ts=QDateTime::currentDateTime()) const
virtual void statusMessage (QString msg, QDateTime ts=QDateTime::currentDateTime()) const
virtual QString settingsScript ()
QString scriptValueLiteral (QVariant v)
- Signals inherited from QcepDataObject
void dataObjectChanged ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from QcepDataGroup
static QcepDataGroupPtr newDataGroup (QcepSettingsSaverWPtr saver, QString name, QcepObject *parent)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from QcepDataObject
static QcepDataObjectPtr newDataObject (QcepSettingsSaverWPtr saver, QString name, QcepObject *parent)
static QScriptValue toScriptValue (QScriptEngine *engine, const QcepDataObjectPtr &data)
static void fromScriptValue (const QScriptValue &obj, QcepDataObjectPtr &data)
static int allocatedObjects ()
static int deletedObjects ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from QcepObject
static int allocatedObjects ()
static int deletedObjects ()
static QSet< QcepObject * > allocatedObjectsSet ()
static QString addSlashes (QString str)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QcepDataObject
void mkPath (QString filePath)
QString uniqueFileName (QString name)
- Properties inherited from QcepDataObject
QString type
quint64 byteSize
QString creator
QString version
QString qtVersion
QString description
QString fileName
int objectSaved
- Properties inherited from QcepObject
QString name

Detailed Description

Definition at line 7 of file qcepdataset.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QcepDataset::QcepDataset ( QcepSettingsSaverWPtr  saver,
QString  name,
QcepObject parent 

Definition at line 3 of file qcepdataset.cpp.

3  :
4  QcepDataGroup(saver, name, parent)
5 {
6  set_Type("dataset");
7 }
QcepDataGroup(QcepSettingsSaverWPtr saver, QString name, QcepObject *parent)
QString name
Definition: qcepobject.h:49
QcepSettingsSaverWPtr saver()

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